Looking Down Never Felt so Good!


Our Inspiration

In the Victorian era, the traditional British slipper was called the Albert slipper, named after Prince Albert. The Albert slipper was worn around the house, often with black tie. In modern times it's worn both informally and formally outdoors. 

Our Product

Bachelor Shoes sells a high-end line of handcrafted slippers made in the most prestigious factory in Spain. We also provide different types of shoes for every occasion. Each pair is constructed with fine fabrics and real leather, and then machine stitched with our logo or a charming graphic. A variety of styles and color options are available to cover any occasion. We sell online and in boutiques, making our brand extremely accessible from any part of the globe. Our headquarters are located in Houston, TX.

Our value

Bachelor Shoes raises the standard for men's shoes by providing excellent attention to detail that begins with the quality of our products and extends to ensuring the happiness of our customers. We fit the needs of our customer by providing shoes for both daily wear and special occasions. The lifestyle associated with Bachelor Shoes is classy, bold, and fashion-driven. We offer personal touches that create a level of diversity that other companies severely lack.